If you are reading this, I hope I bring a feast to your eyes, an aroma to your nose and delectability to your mouth by sharing my thoughts on food & some recipes.

I’ve been thinking about food a lot lately. My love for preparing it mostly. How it can be such a personal love affair, yet it can be shared & consumed & enjoyed by so many. That’s the greatest joy, knowing someone has risked their palate to taste the food your hand has prepared & the sense of fulfillment you see on their faces…

My intention is truly to convey the joy of being in a kitchen and to make cooking as simple, healthy and wholesome where possible. I am not much of a believer in following recipes dogmatically, I often use them as inspiration and add my own twists. So a lot of my cooking is not technique but intuitive. Of course there is a fine line however, like knowing whether you’re whipping fresh cream for cake topping or you’re making butter. Either way, I encourage putting your positive feelings & energy into cooking. It really does make a difference to the flavors & the taste of a dish.

I don’t profess to be a culinary professional. I cook dishes with the intention of enjoying them myself. My style of cooking can best be described as unconstrained fusion flavours.

It is a sunshine & daisies dream to one day open a fusion food bistro, maybe teach cooking, private cater & a friend recently joked that I should write a recipe book… so who knows to what extent I may be inspired.

For now though, welcome to the virtual fayskitchen.

Bon Appetit

P.S.: Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!