There is no doubt that a wholesome breakfast is a good way to start any day, let alone a Sunday.

Yesterday I popped in at the cheese festival held at Sandringham Farm in Stellenbosch. I didn’t end up buying any cheese, but I did come home with some preservative free Pineapple Jam, which would be a nice addition to an Asian style stir-fry or a beautiful fruity accompaniment for panna cotta. I also purchased a reduced oil fig dressing, which we tasted by dipping some French loaf into it. It can be used as a salad dressing or a basting for seafood & chicken. I’m envisioning a fig basted prawn & calamari salad in my kitchen’s future.


But back to breakfast. After an entire day out yesterday & an early morning homecoming. A day enjoying the last bit of autumn sunshine streaming through the skylight in my dining cum lounge area, series catch up and a hearty breakfast was the way to do it!

So nothing too fancy. My favorite leaf, the rocket accompanied by some scrambled eggs, mushrooms & breakfast beef. The cappuccino is a must. I also got lucky at the cheese festival & bought some gluten & wheat free spinach bread which I toasted. I very rarely eat bread unless it has an element of health to psychologically comfort me. And then the breakfast dessert. The Perssimon! Also from the cheese festival. This is one of the most amazing fruit, a similar taste to dates & I also think there’s a hint of creamy avocado to its flavor. You can turn it into chutney, salsa or jam. But I think it’s best eaten as is.

So no recipe, just a tiny bit of inspiration. If you live in South Africa, there’s still tomorrow’s public holiday to treat yourself. And if you live elsewhere, where the day has just started, this is how to do Sunday breakfast.

Bon Appetit