Adapted (very) Pho Ga: Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. It’s that time of the week, aka: BOWL DAY, aka: So exhausted I can only do 1/2 an hour more on my feet! So I did not have any lemongrass or 3 hours to simmer a broth!

No recipe, just an idea of how I went about it:

Lots of red chilli flakes, whole red chilli, more chilli paste, crushed black pepper, star anise, garlic, Asian pickled ginger, root ginger, cashews, fresh chopped red & yellow paprika peppers, green beans, mushrooms, soy, hoisin & reduced fig oil & chicken. Brown rice gluten free, cholesterol free, noodles. All chopped & in the pot within 10 mins, (methodically done). Simmered, ok I lie, reduced on medium heat within 20 mins to a delicious , quick, abridged Pho Ga 😁 sans coriander🙈 The lime & avo, all my own doing & just to be properly rebellious, I served it in a miniature tagine.


PS. Needles to say, following my last post, Part 3 of 3 will be delayed.

Bon Appetit
The Recipe Rebel aka faymissfay