I’m back.. It’s been too long!!! After almost a year of neglect (my apologies), the blogging revival has been kicked off with ‘The making of the bun-less Burger’, which has become one of my favorite quick & easy meals.





The making of the bun-less Burger:

1. Realize there are drawbacks to not eating carbs & accept with enthusiasm (because there’s a yummy alternative).
2. Pop a free-range non-processed pure beef (or whatever your preference is) burger in the oven for 20 mins (in my case jalapeño beef courtesy of Woolworth’s Tygervalley meat counter supplied by Excellent)😁
3. Steam some cauliflower & broccoli in the microwave – yes that easy! – for 5-7 minutes. Use a potato masher to make brocauli rice
4. Stir some fat-free yoghurt, camembert cheese, dried rosemary & lots of black pepper over some heat & make a yummy sauce.
4. Make a bed of baby spinach & top with brocauli rice
5. After resting beef burger for 3 minutes place on top of green veggie bed
6. Cover in sauce, avo & rocket
7. Twist some more black pepper on top & you have a pretty looking Bunless Burger.

I’ve varied this recipe over the last 6 months a few times, replacing brocauli rice with a giant portobello mushroom & creating a beet-mayo to go with it. This has been by far my favorite burger accompaniment. It doesn’t always have to be boring tomato sauce 🙂

If you giving a try, enjoy tucking into comfor food without the guilt if you avoiding carbs!

Bon Appetite 🍳